Intern Spotlight Series: Summer 2020

by Emily Brandt
August 17, 2020

Ovative Group is honored to celebrate our summer intern class of 2020! Over the past 2 months we’ve welcomed 11 talented, data-driven, and fierce-thinking students to Ovative’s first-ever virtual internship program. From India to New York and a multitude of hometowns in between, this intern class is working alongside the team to unlock business potential for our clients.

The 2020 class marks the 5th year of Ovative’s formal internship program, and 6 years since Ovative’s first intern who is still part of the organization today. COVID has presented unique challenges and pushed Ovative as an organization to find ways to RTFB our experience and ability to connect new faces and effectively plug them into meaningful learning opportunities. 

It was crucial to Ovative culture that we find a way to make the internship program a success this year, amidst an environment where most organizations were pulling back. We intentionally created new experiences and spaces for team members to get to know each other both personally and professionally to fill in the gaps created by not being day-to-day in the office. A few of our virtual programs included:

  • Started “Get to Know an Intern” series each week featuring an intern sharing their passion project with the organization.
  • Translating the 2-week in-person boot camp into engaging video sessions.
  • Bringing Ovative Directors to virtual intern lunches to share advice and words of wisdom.
  • Increasing the scale of our “New Hire Buddy” program where all new hires are assigned a veteran O/g’er to help them navigate first day jitters, getting used to our norms, and learning our lingo.
  • Introduction of weekly POD meetings, connecting small groups (4-5 team members) across all levels to get to know each other and donate their time completing community service together.

When asked which Ovative value resonates most with each intern, here are a few highlights they shared:

Smera: “I love the culture at Ovative. Every single person that I have met has so distinctly brought each of Ovative’s core values to life. It has been amazing to learn from and work with people who are so knowledgeable and patient.”


Ethan: “I think Ovative’s value in being Genuine has the most lasting and resonating impact on me. Being genuine and respectful of people around you is something that I always strive for and believe to be of the utmost importance. After interning at Ovative, I can see that this value shines through everything and everyone in the company and truly differentiates Ovative from the rest.”

Glynnis: “Accountable — I think it’s so important to take responsibility for our actions, even if that means owning up to a mistake. I know that isn’t always easy, but I think accountability marks a good leader and is definitely something I’ve seen at Ovative!”


Lillian: “‘Driven’ resonates with me most. This is because there is a clear drive within every individual at Ovative to strive for excellence when completing client work, engaging in internal work, and interacting with other employees. The drive is inspiring and truly creates an atmosphere that is one of a kind.”

We are proud of our intern class of 2020 and believe deeply in our investment in talent. Check out our social media channels as we spotlight each intern and their bio over the next several weeks!

Would you like to learn more about becoming part of the team? Check out our open positions page, and join us in building Ovative!

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Intern Spotlight Series: Summer 2020


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