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Introducing The Lead.

Ovative experts walk the walk every day. Now you can hear them talk the talk in our latest video series. Welcome to The Lead, your source for ideas and insights into the ever-changing landscape of media, measurement, and creativity. You’ll hear leaders from across the organization discuss what’s new, challenge conventional thinking, and inspire action.

Conversations span the gamut from retail media metric standardization to the interplay of SEO and SEM. What do they all have in common? Passionate marketers breaking down some of the most critical topics across the marketing landscape. If you’re interested in deep industry insights, game-changing tips, and other content that can take your marketing program to the next level, tune in.

Featured Stories

Holistic Search: SEO and SEM

Learn from Ovative’s experts why your search program can benefit from a holistic search strategy. Watch the video >>

Retail Media

Dive into retail media advertising as Ovative experts unpack its challenges and opportunities. Watch the video >>

Marketing Measurement

Ovative’s measurement experts break down the importance of timely, actionable media measurement. Watch the video >>

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