Podcast: Generation Data Science

John Chandler, Clinical Professor of Marketing at University of Montana and Andrew Van Benschoten, Head of Data Science at Ovative Group, offer [mostly] understandable answers about what data science is and how the data privacy era will continue to increase marketing dependency on advanced measurement.

Episode Content

Full Episode (25:10)

Riff 1 | What is Data Science (4:28): “A data scientist is someone who knows more statistics than a computer programmer and more programming than a statistician.”

Riff 2 | Analytical Tool Kit (3:35): John and Andrew discuss the tools and techniques they leverage in the data science field and what tools will become more common as time goes on.

Riff 3 | Signs of Pushback (8:17): John and Andrew speak to instances in which they have experienced signs of pushback or skepticism, and how they have dealt with those.

Riff 4 | Aspiring to EMR (4:57): The doctors provide guidance on the communication and mindset needed to reach Enterprise Marketing Return.