Lead Generation

Accredited Education Franchise

Captured more prospective leads online and improved the effectiveness of paid media with site analytics, optimization, and ongoing landing page testing support


Measurement Consulting

Owned Digital Media


An accredited franchise of for-profit schools facing declining enrollment and offering an impersonal site experience was looking to improve new student enrollment by efficiently capturing more prospective students through their paid media landing pages.


  • +829% increase in acquisition conversion rate
  • +21% in landing page conversion rate on -5% media spend
  • +$4.7M increase in annualized tuition revenue
  • Uncovered $2M in unproductive Non-Brand Paid Search spend


1. Conducted an analysis of site activity and landing page performance. Worked to understand user behavior and identify disruptions in the prospective student flow from interest to application.

2. Identified and prioritized high-impact landing page tests to drive incremental apps and enrollments. Tests included new dynamic functionality, personalization, improved CTAs, and a more intuitive on-page experience across key prospective segments.

3. Launched nearly 30 tests across key pages, implementing a continuous cycle of testing. Actively built off past test learnings to inform future test plans and optimizations to convert quality prospects.

4. Defined a custom cross-channel measurement system stitching together online and offline touchpoints. Tied user-level conversion paths to downstream conversion events, allowing the client to access a granular view of total enterprise performance to inform tactical optimizations.

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