What is Enterprise Marketing Return?

by Craig Pladson
May 16, 2019
Enterprise Marketing Return Enterprise Measurement Incrementality

Enterprise Marketing Return is one part metric, one part mindset.

It’s a new metric that unifies marketing return by incorporating online and offline revenue, future customer value, incrementality and profitability. It’s also a mindset that pushes business leaders to transform how they approach marketing.

Enterprise Marketing Return is at its best when metric and mindset come together, as evidenced by our clients experiencing a 25% increased return on their marketing investments.

Enterprise Marketing Return delivers this type of return because it maximizes the value brands get out of their marketing investments by answering these types of questions:

  • What is the impact of my digital spend on e-commerce and in-store revenue?
  • How does digital media impact my customer segments and their lifetime value?
  • What is the incremental impact of my digital media spend on revenue?
  • How do I optimize my digital media spend to product or service margin?

One Part Metric

When we calculate Enterprise Marketing Return as a metric, we incorporate the following variables.

Enterprise Revenue: visibility to full enterprise value driven by digital media including e-commerce and in-store sales.

Future Customer Value: incorporate channel-level customer counts and lifetime value of new and reactivated customers to understand the future value to the business.

Incrementality: an adjusted return that accounts for the true causal impact of media on a sale or conversion.

Profitability: incorporate channel-level product margin profitability to provide visibility to bottom-line impact of investments.One Part Mindset

EMR is also shift in mindset that challenges marketing leaders to think beyond individual channel performance, to remix marketing strategies and apply a customer-segment lens on growth and decision-making. When we talk through this mindset with our clients, we encourage them to focus on four key pillars that are critical to enabling EMR at their organization. Here is what they look like in their ideal state.

People: Team members are organized around and incentivized on driving value across the entire organization, rather than on individual channel performance.

Process: Internal organization is structured around consumer needs, enabling cross-channel collaboration and decision-making that emphasizes value at an enterprise level instead of within a channel silo.

Data: A unified view of data, including CRM, POS, website, email, paid digital advertising with a unique customer identifiers to power insights and decisions around the consumer.

Technology: The marketing tech stack is built around the people, process and data (instead of the other way around), as well as the the objectives and variables that drive your business.

Unlocking Value with EMR

As marketers become equipped with Enterprise Marketing Return insights, they’re able to take action and make smarter decisions about how to make most of their marketing investments. While there are several ways to unlock value with EMR, we’ve outlined a few below.

Media Mix
Remix and reallocate media budget based on enterprise return optimization.

Holistic Optimization
Optimize within and among channels, devices, geographic locations, categories audiences and promotions.

Customer File Health
Develop plans to increase health of customer file through new, reactivate and retain media strategies.

Profitably Scale
Scale digital media spend across channels and the purchase funnel within existing and new tactics.

Find Your Way to EMR

We recognize all brands experience Enterprise Marketing Return at different levels; it’s just a matter of figuring out where you are, what you need and how to keep the momentum going.

To orient yourself to where your organization is on the journey, take a short assessment to get your EMR Score. We’ll give you a plan for how to get started and and guide you to related content and resources.

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