Measurement That Matters: Meet MAP

Say goodbye to measurement without actionable insights and results.

Using Map, marketers see a 15% increase in their marketing return.

Powered by a unified model, unparalleled services, and actionable reporting… you’ve never seen measurement like this!


We help leaders drive results by measuring and optimizing their marketing spend.

How It Works

Enterprise Marketing Return (EMR) looks beyond traditional metrics like ROAS to understand the true value of marketing investments across consumer touchpoints.

Map helps automate and unlock an in depth look at EMR. This unified model and analytics platform measures the incremental impact of your marketing investments.


Map was purpose-built to apply customer data with advanced modeling to establish a more holistic view of marketing impact across media and sales channels, enabled through:

Executive marketing analytics dashboard, part of MAP from Ovative

Unified AI-Driven Model

MAP was built as a unified MMM + MTA solution to offset individual tool limitations. MAP takes the inputs from EMR to determine the value of each marketing touchpoint along a consumer’s path to purchase. These inputs are:

Enterprise Revenue:

Marketing’s impact on every sales channel including online, offline, and mobile

Future Customer Value:

The long-term impact of marketing on a healthy customer file including customer acquisition, retention, and lifetime value


The causal impact of marketing as seen through modeling and testing


Profit margin to emphasize the bottom-line impact of investments

Integrated Map Services

We couple Map technology with hands-on media activation service support, ensuring that users are able to leverage insights to make actionable marketing decisions. Service support focuses on budget planning and forecasting, customer strategies, and media analytics and testing.

Performance Reporting Suite

Map insights are available via an on-demand, web-based reporting portal. Reporting and in-depth analytics (including our MMM models) are refreshed weekly, allowing clients to act on insightful marketing performance data on a weekly basis.

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