Media Strategy


Ovative is helping Coach to unify teams and drive revenue using MAP and EMR.


  • Seeking to reinvent how media is used to achieve ecommerce, store, and customer goals  
  • Looking to build an actionable source of truth for marketing measurement  
  • Highly fragmented across teams, LOBs, funnel stages, channels, and customer types – not speaking the same language or moving budgets fluidly based on performance 


  • Spend profitably increased by over $100M in one year 
  • Since January alone, Paid Social spend is up $14M with EMR $ up +$31M 
  • Adoption of EMR and MAP across teams (marketing, finance, merch, etc.) 


  • Ovative helped Coach unify disparate teams by implementing a customer-centric approach to planning and measuring using a single metric, EMR, and unified model, MAP 
  • Built adoption and understanding of EMR and MAP through education sessions and tailored training with cross-functional teams 
  • Illustrated the incremental impact of budget spent and future value of customers acquired, thereby making the case for increased budgets 

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