Senior Director, Paid Media

Zak Haines

Zak is a Senior Director of Paid Media at Ovative. He is a Paid Search expert and responsible for building industry-leading search marketing product capabilities to accelerate activation and maximize client enterprise value. Zak joined Ovative in 2012 when the firm first launched the managed media services capabilities and has grown the Ovative team into a top tier agency.


Prior to joining Ovative, Zak spent 12 years as an Associate Director of Client Marketing at Digital River. There he handled talent recruitment and development and strategic oversight of global search revenue and team growth. Zak managed global search marketing programs for Fortune 500 companies in multiple verticals.

Zak holds multiple certifications across Google Ads, Google Shopping, Google Analytics, Google Display, Kenshoo, Microsoft and Marin. He is a renowned expert in the search marketing space and partners closely with technology and platform partners to inform future product roadmaps. Zak is an active member of MnSearch, a Kenshoo design partner and advisory board member, and a Microsoft Retail product advisor. He is an industry expert and conference speaker on using search technology to maximize enterprise revenue, inclusive of offline impact, future customer value, and incrementality. In his free time, Zak enjoys tinkering with his own tech: building his own liquid cooled PCs and tweaking them to find a few more FPS.

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