Senior Director, Measurement Consulting

Zachary Darkow

Zach is the Senior Director of Measurement and MarTech Consulting for Ovative.   As a leader in the Consulting practice, Zach is responsible for driving enterprise growth by helping organizations strategically use marketing data and technology to make smart decisions and unlock value.

Before joining Ovative in 2021, Zach was the Director of Marketing Measurement at Target where he was responsible for building Target and Roundel’s in-house measurement and data products, as well as leading external measurement and data partnerships.  Zach spent 9 years at Target in roles across Marketing, Roundel, and Data Science.   Prior to Target, Zach worked in web analytics at Best Buy and supported e-commerce initiatives at Northwest and Delta Airlines.

Outside of Ovative, Zach loves to spend time outdoors with family and friends.  He loves to travel, discovering new cities and chasing some of his favorite musicians.  Zach’s an avid Minnesota sports fan and Viking season ticket holder (SKOL!).

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