Director, Affiliate

Katelyn Andree

Katelyn is a Director of Affiliate at Ovative, driving performance for a portfolio of clients. She is accountable for developing best-in-class affiliate capabilities, strategic thought leadership, and advocating for Ovative’s differentiation in the marketplace. She has experience driving impact for clients across different verticals including retail, healthcare and hospitality. Since joining Ovative in 2021, Katelyn has also held a leadership position in Digital Experience Optimization, where she led a team and portfolio of clients to maximize the enterprise value of their websites and mobile apps through analytics enablement, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and continuous optimization and testing.

Prior to Ovative, Katelyn developed deep expertise in retail, merchandising, global leadership and innovation through her 13+ years at Target Corporation with roles in inventory management, localization, buying, in-store space optimization and digital site merchandising. These experiences shaped her unique approach to driving enterprise business performance, which is grounded in the digital and in-store customer experience, prioritizing strong data analytics, and developing best-in-class teams.

Katelyn is passionate about team and empowering individuals to discover their authentic leadership style rooted in their innate talents and passions. She is certified as a CliftonStrengths Coach, based in Gallup’s research, and leads with her top five strengths of Positivity, WOO, Activator, Communication and Strategic. In her free time, she leads retreats and coaches individuals, teams and organizations. She lives in South Minneapolis with her family and enjoys staying active, trying new restaurants, traveling and reading.

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