Director, Measurement Solutions

Jenna Irwin

Jenna is a Director on the Measurement Solutions team at Ovative. Jenna’s role on Measurement Solutions is two-fold. First, she leads teams supporting MAP accounts, leading clients on their journey towards EMR (Enterprise Marketing Return) by unlocking the full measurement potential of MAP. Secondly, she drives forward internal measurement innovation work at Ovative, currently focused on developing new capabilities to better measure the impact of brand media on clients’ brand health and long-term financials.

Since joining Ovative in 2015, Jenna has been focused on marketing measurement. She has had roles supporting proprietary measurement tools, like our MAP product and testing tools, and more general measurement solutions consulting, helping clients maximize the value of internal data or third-party technologies. Prior to joining Ovative, Jenna was at Target as a business analyst, developing reporting tools for improved sourcing strategies.

Jenna loves a well-designed Powerpoint presentation and test setup, and she nerds out over cool data visualization. In her free time, you can find her in Eden Prairie at a local brewery or on the lake at the cabin in northern Minnesota with her family. If she didn’t work, she’d be a ski instructor in Colorado in winter and on the golf course in the summer.

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