Director, Activate Operations

Jeni Luker

Jeni is a Director of Activate Operations at Ovative, leading a team focused on enabling executional excellence. In this role, she is responsible for optimizing client onboarding, enhancing client partnerships, and ensuring Ovative utilizes the latest technologies to drive better impact for clients. Jeni brings a unique perspective to this role, with 9+ years of experience managing brand and performance cross-channel media strategies.

Before joining Ovative in 2019, Jeni honed her skills at a small independent agency in Chicago. There, she managed a diverse portfolio of brand programs, gaining valuable experience in both traditional and digital media. Throughout her tenure at Ovative, Jeni has been instrumental in fostering strong partnerships, particularly during new client onboarding, where she ensured smooth transitions by enabling both clients and Ovative teams to focus on performance and opportunity rather than agency changes. Jeni’s enthusiasm and structured thinking has led to her embrace of tackline client challenges and driving impact.

Outside of work, Jeni is a true adventure seeker based in Minneapolis. Her passion for learning about different cultures and seeking adrenaline-fueled experiences has led her to explore 12 countries in the past year. From living out of a sprinter van to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Jeni is always eager to embark on her next adventure. Despite her busy schedule, she finds solace in winding down with family and friends at the local dive or watching the sunset over one of the many lakes of Minnesota.

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