Director, Strategic Measurement Initiatives

Hedi Moussavi

Hedi serves as the Director of Strategic Measurement Initiatives at Ovative, where he spearheads pivotal efforts in emerging advanced analytics and drives perspectives on innovative products and services for Ovative’s measurement offerings. His expertise extends to developing robust measurement solutions, including Brand Measurement, applying Enterprise Marketing Return (EMR) to new industries, Customer Measurement, and Incrementality Testing. In his role, he is committed to driving meaningful and actionable impact across these initiatives.

Since joining Ovative in 2022, Hedi has led several strategic initiatives across Measurement Consulting and worked with clients across various industries,. These initiatives helped tackle both short and long-term measurement needs, including developing novel customer lifetime value models, media measurement models, testing program development and advancement, and co-developing a novel EMR measurement approach to new verticals.

Prior to joining Ovative, Hedi spent eight years at General Mills specializing in insights, analytics, and measurement. He gained deep measurement expertise as a Media Measurement Lead across Performance Marketing and Commerce, an Insights and Analytics Advisor to Leadership Teams, and a Marketing Mix Lead across various business units. Hedi has also provided freelance consulting services, guiding global market entry strategies for a leading tech firm, and conducted annual media measurement and mix models for a prominent private company.

Beyond work, Hedi resides in Northern Minnesota with his four beloved dogs, finding solace in the North Woods. Hedi values an active lifestyle and enjoys listening to music, reading, writing, and exploring poetry. With a deep passion for sports, Hedi eagerly embraces friendly debates and banter on the subject. Additionally, Hedi co-founded a growing kombucha beverage company and holds a PhD in Consumer Behavior from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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