Senior Director, Client Services

Charlotte Ryan

Charlotte Ryan

Charlotte is a Senior Director of Client Services at Ovative. Charlotte leads cross-channel strategy development and delivery across paid and owned digital channels. Here she focuses her energy on driving profitable growth and efficiency across her client’s operations.

Before joining Ovative in 2020, Charlotte spent 5 years at Nielsen as a Director of Analytics. Charlotte was responsible for expanding relationships with large-scale manufacturers, designing, and overseeing the project management of the delivery of analytic consulting engagements and measurement deployment. She spent 4 years in merchandising at Target managing a multitude of seasonal and trend driven categories and 3 years in Corporate Strategy at UnitedHealth Group, helping manage projects focused on cost savings and measurement of companywide quality on customer touchpoints.

Charlotte is an industry leader in business strategy, retail strategy, and advanced analytics. Her passion is in the intersection of innovation and action, helping clients map out a better way of driving their business than they imagined and then working with them to get there.  A native Minnesotan turned New Yorker, she is leading the charge for our Manhattan location.

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