Executive Vice President, Measurement Consulting

Brandon Wishnow

Brandon is the Executive Vice President of Measurement & Activation at Ovative. He leads Ovative’s Measurement Consulting practice, responsible for diagnosing and solving business problems and marketing measurement challenges that prevent clients from accelerating enterprise growth. Prior to his current role, Brandon led the development of foundational teams and solution areas at Ovative including our Marketing Analytics Platform (MAP) and Consulting businesses.

Brandon joined Ovative in 2013. Prior to joining Ovative, Brandon spent 10 years in retail, digital marketing and analytics roles. He led Marketing and Analytics Strategy at Gap Inc. He was the co-founder and Head of Strategy & Analytics for iSearch Media, a multi-million dollar digital agency and was a Strategy Consultant for Accenture.

Brandon has advised clients globally on large-scale areas including digital, marketing, & data strategy; strategic measurement of media, customer, & site; MarTech strategy & solution designs; People-based activation planning, testing, organizational change. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and has published numerous articles on marketing and measurement approaches.

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