Podcast: Marketing for a Cause with Liwanag Ojala

Liwanag Ojala, CEO of CaringBridge, talks about marketing in the non-profit sector and how CaringBridge thrives in the ever-evolving landscape of social networking.


Episode Content

Riff 1 | What’s in a Name? (00:00 – 3:38): Liwanag shares the background on her name and the importance of getting people’s names right.

Riff 2 | Marketing for a Cause (3:40 – 8:17): Based on her experience, Liwanag covers the similarities and differences of marketing in the non-profit sector vs. for-profit enterprises.

Riff 3 | People Make the Difference (8:23 – 13:38): Brandon and Liwanag discuss the talent and the passion needed to work at a non-profit.

Riff 4 | Stick to our Knitting (13: 38 – 23:55): Liwanag explains how CaringBridge leans into its uniqueness in order to thrive among the social-network giants and how CaringBridge came to be an organization.

Riff 5 | Fact or Fiction (23:55 – 30:25): Brandon quizzes Liwanag on the state of charitable giving in the United States today.

Riff 6 | Final Advice (30:32 – 31:55): Liwanag touches on the importance of leveraging marketing talent to produce good in our world.