Podcast: How to Disrupt an Industry as the Incumbent with Lisa Bailey and Josh Peterson

Lisa Bailey, Vice President of Media and Digital Activation, and Josh Peterson, Senior Director at Sleep Number reminisce and and discuss lessons learned in the fast-paced mattress industry.

Episode Content

Riff 1 | Disrupting the Disrupters (0:00 – 10:50): Lisa and Josh talk disruption and the role of the Sleep Number brand in the ever-changing mattress industry.

Riff 2 | Quality over Quantity (10:50 – 17:22): Brandon, Lisa, and Josh discuss the importance of the consumer in their industry, and in particular for Sleep Number,  the role of high-quality digital traffic.

Riff 3 |  “There is No Rest for this Brand” (17:22 – 22:22): There are over 175 bed-in-a-box companies in existence today. Lisa and Josh discuss how Sleep Number is staying ahead of the competition.

Riff 4 | Looking Forward (22:22 – 25:37): Brandon closes out the show by asking Lisa and Josh for a final piece of advice for leaders looking for innovation amidst the disruption.