Case Study: Williams Sonoma
Strategy Consulting
Understanding how Williams Sonoma's marketing measurement ecosystem compared to "best-in-class".
Williams Sonoma, a highly data-driven omni-channel specialty retailer, wanted to better understand how its marketing measurement ecosystem stacked up relative to “best-in-class”.
Our Approach

Ovative Group’s Strategy Consulting practice has developed a proven method to improve how organizations measure and optimize marketing investments. This method has helped elevate partners’ understanding of marketing measurement and drive more intelligent decision-making across the organization.

Ovative conducted a “marketing measurement maturity” (M3) assessment, where we documented and analyzed Williams-Sonoma’s data, technology, organizational structure and process capabilities. This enabled us to create a capabilities heat map, identifying strengths and opportunities in the current measurement landscape.

Next, the Ovative team built a financial model to quantify the financial impact of addressing the opportunities uncovered. Using a number of known data inputs as well as assumptions from prior experiences with similar retailers, Ovative modeled a reasonable range of financial benefits Williams-Sonoma could expect to drive. The estimated impact was significant, helping to underscore the importance of addressing the identified needs.

This ultimately enabled us to develop a prioritized roadmap that front-loaded the highest impact opportunity areas, which were a combination of technology and process enhancements. Our roadmap placed heavy emphasis on organization adoption, ensuring that proper training, education & change management activities were built into all detailed execution plans.


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