Case Study: Kohl’s
Cross-Channel Measurement
Customer-level, cross-channel measurement unlocked invaluable insights.
A top 10 retail client of Ovative Group’s believed that digital channels drive a significant amount of in-store conversions. However, the challenge of measuring the total impact, including incrementality, of digital prevented large-scale investment to drive the enterprise. Instead, like many others, this retailer was forced to rely on online sales to estimate the impact of their digital efforts. Using their multi-touch attribution model, the client estimated that display media was driving a large piece of offline revenue. To prove this hypothesis and measure incrementality, Ovative partnered with LiveRamp and their IdentityLink tool.
Our Approach

Ovative Group and LiveRamp provided the retailer with an A|B testing capability for Direct Mail & Display impressions. The analysis of the test was enabled through the joining of anonymized CRM, online & offline transaction files, and display impression logs via LiveRamp’s IdentityLink identity resolution capabilities. Ovative developed and provided the client with a custom reporting environment which enabled analysis of the data across customer attributes, unlocking actionable insights that would have otherwise gone undetected.

The client hypothesized combining direct mail and display would increase conversion rate compared to exposure of media through a single channel. To test this hypothesis, Ovative and the client set up the test as follows:

  • Audiences were randomly split into four test and control groups
  • Test groups received the same media combinations as control groups, plus display
  • Performance was compared between test & control groups at the customer level for pre-test, test, and post-test periods
Display onlyNo media
Display & owned mediaOwned media
Display & mailMail only
Display, mail & owned media   Mail & owned media