Case Study: Fortune 10 Health Insurer
Omni-Channel Measurement
Managed 3rd parties to support rapid technology implementation resulting in full adoption and large scale outcomes.
An insurance company aimed to implement and quickly begin using a 3rd party attribution provider, but lacked the internal and agency expertise required to manage this process. Furthermore, significant capabilities for offline media and sales touchpoint measurement needed to be established, both through extensions of attribution partner offerings and implementation/joining of other third parties.
Our Approach

We began by assisting the client in the definition of attribution requirements, then lead the selection process for a 3rd party algorithmic attribution solution. We managed the implementation of this tool, coordinating the many parties involved (agencies, technologies, internal stakeholders, etc.). This led to distribution of the first attribution report three months after implementation began, beating expectations significantly.

With attribution up and running, we began rolling out custom reports designed to serve the client’s specific needs. We also kicked off extensive training of internal and external groups, pushing a plan to develop client independence within the first year of tool usage. As the client became self-reliant, we expanded our scope to additional attribution capabilities (offline data onboarding, TV attribution, MMM integration).

Through all of these efforts, we continuously worked with the client to maintain a vision for the measurement capability, supporting ongoing activation against new data sets and clear measurement of ROI on technology investments.