Case Study: Fortune 250 Retailer
Omni-Channel Measurement
Shifted internal conversation away from last click and traffic metrics to more meaningful enterprise KPIs.
A Fortune 250 retailer was measuring, planning, and optimizing digital marketing channels using last- or any-click platform data, and believed this was resulting in poor decisions and inefficiency of spend. Ovative was brought in to serve as a channel-agnostic measurement partner to build and wield an enterprise measurement environment which could support customer-level, cross-channel analytics. This environment needed to align the capabilities and outputs of diverse measurement tools, including media mix modeling (MMM), multi-touch attribution (MTA), CRM onboarding, in-market testing, and platform data. Further, the output needed to comprise a single set of enterprise metrics that would support adoption and action across client functional teams and agency partners.
Our Approach

We began our journey with an audit of the client’s existing data assets and capabilities. Identifying online-to-offline measurement as a significant gap, we built an analytics environment where CRM and store transaction data could be merged with digital touchpoints, achieving match rates of >20% using first party data only. We then used this environment to conduct a series of in-market tests, proving the value of optimizing digital investments to drive enterprise (store and online) revenue simultaneously.  By demonstrating significant incremental opportunity, we were able to gain buy-in from across client teams to develop broader measurement capabilities.

Over the course of the next two years, we led the client through the development of a comprehensive measurement stack, with work comprising a number of focuses:

  • Selecting, implementing, and utilizing a third party MTA tool
  • Building a data environment to ingest and unify MMM, MTA, CRM/customer, platform, and testing data
  • Creating enterprise reporting assets which could support the needs of diverse stakeholders while aligning teams to a single set of metrics
  • Designing an incrementality testing roadmap across channels, and supporting execution and measurement of tests within both digital and offline addressable media
  • Conducting analyses and delivering activation opportunity reports which led to significant, measurable impact to return across digital channels

While moving through each of these steps, we consistently worked with C-suite stakeholders and beyond to drive education and ensure client teams were able to independently utilize newly developed capabilities.  In the end, the client’s measurement environment, coupled with wide organizational alignment, allowed for action representing a significant competitive advantage.