Case Study: Fortune 100 Insurance Company
Omni-Channel Measurement
Using cross-channel measurement, Ovative Group enabled audience-specific media optimization for a Fortune 100 insurance company.
This Fortune 100 insurance client wanted to know the impact that display marketing campaigns had on quote rate for potential customers. Siloed data prevented effective measurement for the insurer, which resulted in a lack of clarity around the overlap in exposure between their digital and traditional marketing channels. Their previous measurement tools didn’t tell them how variations in cross-channel media exposure affected quote rate or what was the optimal combination of media to get individuals to convert. The client needed a solution that both unified their data and identified media optimization opportunities.
Our Approach

Measurement of the unified data set had to be able to answer 3 core questions:

  • How many of the quoted insurance customers saw display, mail, or both by segment?
  • Of the groups that received media, how many people requested a quote for insurance?
  • Based on who received media and requested a quote, what insights could be derived?

To answer these questions, Ovative Group partnered with LiveRamp and their IdentityLink tool.

Ovative developed and worked with the client to provide a custom proprietary reporting environment to support cross-channel testing and  measurement.

The client provided audience data, online & offline quote files, and media exposure logs. Additionally, they also highlighted the key types of campaigns and segments they were interested in.

LiveRamp’s IdentityLink product enabled connection of online and offline identities in a privacy-safe way. LiveRamp was selected because Ovative and the client needed a partner that would provide persistent and accurate identity resolution across a complex series of data sources, in a privacy-safe way.

Ovative managed the process, ingested the data, built the pathing and analytics, and provided measurement insights.