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by Ovative Group
June 16, 2017

Remember when you were younger and your friend’s mom would say, “Oh honey, you can call me Karen”? For me, torn between feeling excited and apprehensive, I would typically respond with something eloquent like, “Wait, really?” The point of this childhood flashback – I, as well as many other O/gers, felt this way about the unlimited vacation policy when starting at Ovative.

“Wait, really? There is an unlimited vacation policy at Ovative?”

That’s right. At Ovative, you may take as much or as little vacation as you need. The rationale behind this is that O/g believes its employees should be living well-rounded, balanced lives. According to the Harvard Business Review, “Leaders who successfully implement unlimited vacation policies operate in companies that are already high in trust.” In my opinion, this is the most significant element about the vacation policy. I’ll admit it; it’s cool to say that you work at a company with unlimited vacation. However, it’s indescribable working for a company with such an environment of trust.

Implementing this policy means that leaders trust employees, and in turn, employees trust leaders. With this comes a mutual level of respect; employees do not feel the need to abuse the flexible policy simply because they love what they do, and they respect the people they work for.

Taking this trust and respect one step further, I recently learned of O/g’s sabbatical policy: You are entitled to three months of unpaid leave as a sabbatical to do whatever you want for every three years of employment. O/g will cover your benefits during the leave and guarantee your job upon your return. In other words, when that quarter-life crisis rolls around, and you think to yourself, “You know, I should really go in to basket weaving.” You go weave some freakin’ baskets, and O/g will be waiting for you upon your return.

Still don’t believe me? Take it from one of these O/ger’s.


Iceland 2

“I love adventures and exploring new places and having a flexible vacation policy lets me do that. Plus, O/g swag kept me looking cool and staying warm as I explored Iceland.”

-Claire Wyatt/ manager, reporting technology & development


vacation policy

“Work is a part of my life, not all of it.  Our flexible vacation policy gives me the freedom to work and recharge in the best ways for me.  This means when I’m working, I’m fully focused and at my peak; when I’m traveling or taking time off, I’m totally unplugged.  And with the new sabbatical program, I’ll be able to achieve some major life goals (i.e. backpacking SE Asia for 3 months) without having to give up a job I love.”

-Alex Meyers/ manager, measurement & activation



“I grew up going up north almost every weekend and feared as I entered the workforce that I would have to miss out on those fun, memorable weekends. Luckily, the trust Ovative has with its employees paired with the work ethic across teams allows for me to not miss a beat. Whether it’s a Friday off or a week off, you can’t help but appreciate all of the flexibility!”

Hattie Holm/ analyst, measurement & activation

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