Using Ensighten Pulse to Power Enterprise Measurement

by Ovative Group
October 20, 2016

All too often, we at Ovative/group see our client’s view of their customer being fragmented. Their ad server uses one ID, while their web analytics solution uses another, forcing messy stitching across datasets, often resulting in a loss of fidelity. The customer does not identify your brand any differently whether they see a banner ad on a news site or they visit your site directly, so why should your marketing stack identify that customer any differently?

Recently, we implemented Ensighten Pulse as a method to monitor interactions in a retail client’s ecosystem. The results were fantastic; more consistent measurement, the ability to define our own processing, and unprecedented identification rates.

After hearing of the success we saw with our client, Ensighten invited us to their Agility World Tour in New York City to present it as a case study. Watch the entire presentation below to learn more; a teaser – after implementing Ensighten Pulse, we are now able to match 1 out of every 3 dollars spent in this retailer’s physical stores to an anonymized online persona.


Implementing and leveraging Ensighten Pulse has not only improved the client’s visibility into their digital marketing efforts; it has been flexible enough to enable ad-hoc analyses, ongoing testing, and advanced analytics around online-to-offline and cross-device interactions.

Ensighten has also written a great summary of the presentation on their blog; you can read the post here, and get the slides here.

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