Tickling Your Tentacles: OMG I Just Got A Snapchat!

by Ovative Group
January 22, 2016

Happy Friday!

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First: fodder for the Water Cooler…

Astonishing astronomy! Some of our fellow earthlings, living and learning in California, have discovered out-of-this-world evidence that our solar system contains a ninth planet.


Since it’s 20 times farther away than Neptune, it’s not capable of reflecting enough light to be seen. Rather, its presence has been inferred from clear evidence that other celestial bodies are orbiting it.

Please join Ovative as we welcome ‘Planet 9’ (yes, that’s it’s scientific name) to the solar system… as if it hadn’t been there before…

Next: industry information we feel is useful and thought provoking…


Retailers Struggle with Personalization, Yesmail Study Finds
Venture Beat | 1/11/2016

The Quick Pitch: Retailer’s say personalization is important, but when it comes to implementation they’re like, “wait, what?!”

Wait, what

Now I Want the Details: Many retailers are hyping the importance of personalization and in fact, 90% of retailers say they’re using some type of personalization within email. However, many retailers aren’t implementing basic personalization tactics.

For example, less than 1/3 of retails are personalizing products or services included within emails. While many retailers are using historical customer data, being able to predict customer behavior is where it’s at.

Hugely untapped potential lies in consumers’ social media usage, which more around 2/3rds of retailers are not using to personalize email.

What we’re thinking: Mounds, and mounds of data mean the ability to personalize messages to customers, but integration is the difficult part. A pretty consistent trend across the AdTech space – we’ve got data, now how do we use it.

Also, personalization requires lots of internal support. Actual implementation requires lots of partners focused on solving the problem.


Do Consumers Care About Their Privacy in Practice? The FTC Digs Into The Debate
adexchanger | 1/14/2016

The Quick Pitch: Federal Trade Commission threw down the first PrivacyCon and the biggest table topic was the disconnect between current policy, what people say they want and what they actually do.

Missed high five

Now I want the Details: Current FTC’s regulatory model centers around the concept of notice and choice for the customer. People are starting to realize that this premise is based on the false assumption that consumers actually have time to read privacy policies.

Many consumers, for example, believe in the existence of a privacy policy means their information isn’t shared. Current thought expects consumers to weight the cost and benefit of the service they’re receiving for giving away some of their privacy.

What’s really probably happening is consumers are becoming resigned to the fact that they have to share their data. Could ignorance actually be bliss?

What we’re thinking: Privacy continues to be an issue of high importance within the measurement and analytics space. It remains to be seen if consumers will accept the “status quo” and eventually resign themselves to the fact that their data is tracked or if privacy rules and regulations will become stricter.

Finger in the air prediction? Things are either staying the same or someone’s going to John Wayne this business and drop some serious privacy regulations. Either way, advertisers need a partner to rely on who will provide necessary updates if and when regulatory changes occur.


How Snapchat Plans to Compete with Facebook for Advertisers’ Dollars
AdvertisingAge | 1/13/16

The Quick Pitch: Snapchat is developing capabilities to improve ad targeting and delivery verification as well as an updated “Discovery” page that prioritizes paid content.

Crushed it

Now I want the Details: According to unnamed Snapchat employees, the company has been engineering significant new advertising capabilities.

Improved ad targeting based on what content people are checking out in Snapchat’s Discover publisher portal, as well as the sites they’re browsing and searches they’re conducting outside of Snapchat.

Snapchat execs have floated the possibility of redesigning its Stories tab into an algorithmically ranked feed that includes paid advertisements. Snapchat is also developing tools for advertisers to confirm which customers they reached and other metrics associated with their interaction.

What we’re thinking: Snapchat is engrained in generation z and younger millennials’ daily lives. The company has a loyal user base and is likely concerned about opening the advertising floodgates to an audience that may reject the photo-sharing service due to marketing over-load.

Testing the reaction of their users slowly by mixing ad content slowly is likely going to be their go-forward strategy. It’s important to stay close to these developments and begin creating marketing strategies to connect with customers using the app’s Discover feature (short bursts of phone-screen-sized content).

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