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by Ovative Group
May 24, 2017

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Fodder for the water cooler: 

What’d you do this weekend? Hung out at Pippa Middleton’s wedding? Lol. Me neither. Wait, who is that? You know her as Kate Middleton’s younger sister (aka, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge). If you haven’t already stalked this royal affair enough, check out some pics here.



Snap-Back: Agencies Still Upbeat After Q1 Letdown| Ad Exchanger | May 12, 2017


Quick pitch: “These aren’t the earnings we’re looking for,” say investors after Snap Inc.’s first quarterly earnings, but that doesn’t mean advertisers should pull the cord …


Now I want the details: Snap’s first earnings release was a #majorbummer for investors. While the platform missed on user and rev growth because of the ongoing “who wore it best” competition between Snap and Facebook/Instagram Stories, Snap still has the highest engagement rate among Millennials and Gen Z. So the question is, how do they turn the tide? Add more 30 year-old + users and demonstrate the business impact.


What we’re thinking: We’ve said it once, we’ll say it 1,000 times: you have to meet your customer where they’re at. However, we’re also HUGE proponents of measuring the effectiveness of your media. You’ve bought it? You should know how it impacted purchase decisions. That’s why we’re anxious to see how Snapchat builds out their measurement capabilities. Sure, every teenager and their mom is using the platform, but does it actually influence purchases? We’ll keep you posted …

Nearly 80% of US Display Ad Spend will be Programmatic in 2017| Marketing Land | April 21, 2017


Quick pitch: Even though people are freaking out about Programmatic, it still seems like everybody’s still doing it – kind of like the bubble shirt trend in the 90’s …


Now I want the details: Programmatic digital advertising has continued to grow, despite ongoing concerns about transparency, brand safety, and quality – at the very least wasting lots of money and, even scarier, tarnishing brands’ reputations. Programmatic (anything automated) is fueled by increases from private marketplace deals, video, mobile, and non-social native placements, though social native is included in the overall spend figure.


What we’re thinking: Programmatic has always been a scary place for advertisers, as “real time bidding” is synonymous with “less human control.” Though the horror stories of wasted impressions and unsavory ad alignments are likely not going to go away anytime soon, every day the industry pushes for and delivers a better automated product including increased transparency, controls, and accountability for the delivery and performance of media investments. We think this actually equates to “more human control” for things that matter!


Improve Customer Acquisition with the Power of Leads Ads and Offline Conversion| Facebook Business | May 8, 2017


Quick pitch: Facebook’s ready to get in on that Offline conversion action #groovy


Now I want the details: Facebook wants to tie your media to your offline purchases. No joke. Using a company’s CRM, Point-of-Sale (POS), and Call Centers tied to Facebook ad campaigns, advertisers can attribute offline conversions to their online Facebook ads.


What we’re thinking: Facebook, the ever-elusive walled garden, is finally grabbing the crowbar to help advertisers understand what’s going on under the hood. Is tying Facebook ad campaigns to online conversions new? That depends — many other systems have been able to tie Facebook clicks to offline conversions, but connecting conversions to impressions is new. Since Facebook continues to be in the news even more than Beyoncé’s baby bump; we’ll keep you posted as more changes take place.



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What We’re Into:Rest” by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, does a big mic drop about how all rest is not created equal. Turns out work and rest are two sides of the same coin, and to work most efficiently, you also need to rest efficiently. So what’s efficient rest? Sleeping, naps, walks, vigorous exercise. Not included? Binge watching Netflix … #majorbummer


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