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by Ovative Group
October 26, 2016

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Fodder for the water cooler: SPORTS! Apparently some team called the “Cubs” beat the “Dodgers” to move onto this thing they call “The World Series.” Shout out to all of my Facebook friends who are suddenly the Cubs’ biggest fans. You know who you are … where were you in years 1945-2015?!



Plummeting Newspaper Ad Revenue Sparks New Wave of Changes | WSJ | October 20, 2016

Quick Pitch: Extra, extra! Read all about it! Newspaper’s suffer accelerating drop in print advertisements!


Now I want the details: An 8.7% decline in spending is expected for newspaper print ads globally. #ouch. Marketers are leaving newspapers primarily because of a shift caused by increasing use of data & analytics in media planning, which is a relatively recent phenomenon.

What we’re thinking: Using data and analytics to inform media planning is never going to go away. In fact, we expect it to increase exponentially AND we think traditional advertisers will start demanding the type of insights their digital buddies get. If Shakira was a math nerd, she’d probably make a song about how the numbers don’t lie …

State of Amazon 2016 | Bloomreach | October, 2016

Quick Pitch: Is Amazon taking over the world? Sort of feels like it, doesn’t it Pinky…


Now I want the details: A study conducted by Survata on behalf of Bloomreach found that the majority (55%) of customers begin their search on Amazon when shopping for products online. Most companies believe that marketing and e-commerce technology is a way to compete with the behemoth that is Amazon; however, 78% admit to not fully understanding the marketing tech landscape.

What we’re thinking: Did you know there are over 4,000 solutions in the marketing and e-commerce technology space? There is a high probability that your company has many of these data tools implemented, but the key is getting them to work together. If you haven’t already, check out our white paper on the importance of marketing measurement system alignment.

How an Analytics Mindset Changes Marketing Culture | Harvard Business Review | October 24, 2016

Quick Pitch: What are these “analytics” you speak of? Turns out analytics is an important part of running an effective marketing organization. Who knew?


Now I want the details: Adopting an analytically-minded marketing approach is easier said than done for different marketing teams. What’s especially difficult is getting marketers to act differently based on the data, even if they’re already thinking differently. The first step is often pulling together your data sources, while the second is telling a complete story that empowers your organization to ask questions.

What we’re thinking: We see this all the time – the data says one thing, but because “it’s the way things have always been done,” acting on those insights that could drive significant value for your organization is just really hard. Pulling together data and visualizing it well are important, but they’re worthless if you don’t have the right people onboard through effective change management.

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