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by Ovative Group
March 28, 2017


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OMG!!! March Madness! Happy Hunger Games? IDK. I (Claire) have no idea what’s going on. Who do I pick? How do I fill out my bracket? In the same boat? Check out some stats or do what I’m going to do and pick the team with the best colors… or band…


Making Ads Less Intrusive | Marketing Land | February 17, 2017

Quick pitch: YouTube’s saying “boy, bye” to its 0:30+ unskippable ad in 2018.

Now I want the details: YouTube offers a variety of products to connect advertisers with its massive audience, which reaches more folks than any single broadcast, cable network or even Queen Bey’s Instagram. The most popular ad product is YouTube instream video ads which are skippable or unskippable versions of varying lengths and pricing models including cost per view. As announced, YouTube is sunsetting its unskippable 0:30+ version but will continue to offer unskippable videos in shorter versions.

What we’re thinking: As students of consumer behavior we always stand up and cheer when experiences are optimized for the user (We’re pretty sure 0:30+ unskippable ads make puppies cry). Business and marketing success stories are increasingly attributed to user-centered experiences. Google itself has long been a leader in the space, honing a recipe for success in both serving a consumer function and providing true media performance through the Adwords search product. We are also excited that this serves as a symbolic tipping point for (Google-owned) YouTube which was once competing for TV ad dollars and now competes more aggressively for digital media ad dollars that are flowing increasingly to competitors like Facebook.



U.S. Digital Ad Market to Grow 16% This Year, Led by Facebook and Google | WSJ | March 14, 2017

Quick pitch: You know that feeling when you start catching up to the fast kids during gym class? We imagine that’s how Facebook feels…

Now I want the details: Digital ad spend growth is expected to increase by 16% based on a recent eMarketer forecast and Google and Facebook are the drivers. No surprise there, but what’s exciting for ye ol’ Facebook is that its revenue from digital ads is expected to jump by 32% vs. Google’s 15%, closing the gap between the two digital behemoths. Specifically, Facebook’s display advertising biz far outpaces the competition. New ad methods and strategies to get, and keep, people on Facebook/ Instagram longer has led to increased revenue for partners. Per Sonny Corleone, “Bada Bing, Bada Boom.”

What we’re thinking: As digital marketing revenue grows, space is created for different digital advertising platforms to enter into the fray. We’ll continue to see new ad types within Facebook and Instagram, as well as new social media platforms that only your teenage daughter knows about. Paid Social advertising is here to stay, and it reaches your customers where they are. Measurement of social isn’t where we’d like it to be, offering advertisers limited customer-level transparency, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. While data is often delayed, a media mix model can provide much needed insights into how social is driving revenue versus your other digital marketing channels. Check out our most recent white paper on how to incorporate into your digital marketing measurement environment.



Facebook is Making its Cross-Device Atlas Data Available to More Advertisers | Tech Crunch| March 7, 2017

Quick pitch: Like “Fast and the Furious 8” or “Land Before Time 14,” Facebook keeps making measurement news just when you thought it was over…

Now I want the details: “The proletariat will receive measurement!” Says Facebook’s Product Marketing Director for Measurement Scott Shapiro. Facebook is rolling out advanced measurement dashboards through a new area within its business manager. While the full capability is still in testing, what we do know is that reach and attribution metrics will be provided.

What we’re thinking: As we’ve promised a couple of times, we’re going to continue to keep you updated on all things Facebook and measurement. We’re not sure yet what the attribution or reach tool looks like, but our current outstanding questions are: what else does it capture, how does it capture it, and how can you view this data in context of your other marketing channels? We’ll keep you posted on what answers we receive.



“What We’re Into!” is no longer new, but we still want to tell you about what we’ve been reading, watching or listening to in the past few weeks. As always, let us know if you’ve been into the same thing!

What We’re Into: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST IS OUT !!! Five-year-old Claire is losing her mind. But is it a little sad? A generation of young children will not know Emma Watson as Hermione, but as Belle …


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