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by Ovative Group
June 7, 2017

Fodder for the water cooler: 

Apparently, Wisconsin is tough to spell, says Google Trends which looked at the most frequently misspelled words by state. Funny note – the article had to be corrected because they misspelled “Ninety.” Whoops.


Forrester DSP Wave Finds That ‘Differentiation Is Subtle’| Ad Exchanger | May 30, 2017

Quick pitch: “Differentiation is subtle,” like the difference between saffron or mustard yellow, pewter and grey or DSP platforms …


Now I want the details: The DSP category is maturing and top providers are working to provide their clients a best in class product, which is resulting in some pretty good offerings (though little differentiation) across the board. People based marketing, quality inventory, transparency, tools and automation are key considerations for omni-channel digital buyers. Fueling this growth in offerings is the consolidation of DSPs with other DSPs or technology platforms.


What we’re thinking: See below because …

Forrester DMP Wave Considers Which Data Platforms Can Keep Up With Changing Client Needs| Ad Exchanger | May 30, 2017

Quick pitch: Just like how MaryKate’s never seen without Ashley, we give you … the Forrester DMP Wave.


Now I want the details: Though the need for DMP technology is often rooted in the need for managing media segmentation through DSPs, the applications are much broader and more widely utilized across customer touchpoints. In the study, the leaders that emerged are the ones that were built as a standalone data offering (especially those with lots of integrations to work with other technologies), which makes sense given the criteria for the study centered around data ingestion, data classification, and data analysis.


What we’re thinking: We love that customer-centricity is driving innovation in both the DMP and DSP spaces. Utilizing data to bring a more cohesive and effective marketing experience to customers through all touchpoints, including media, is something we think and act on all day every day. It’s interesting to witness the acquisition and consolidation of technologies so that more integrated solutions are available, though it’s refreshing to see that pure plays still win the day, driven by the flexibility of their offering in integrating with other technologies. Our hopes for the next Forrester Wave study (at this rate, in 2019) reflects further integration with customer and client data as well as increased capabilities in terms of online to offline data action including management of non-digital media channels such as TV, OOH, and Print.

Internet Trends Report – 2017| Kleiner Perkins| May 31, 2017

Quick pitch: Fortify your nightstand and check out Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report for a bit of light reading.


Now I want the details: Mary Meeker, the author of the “most anticipated slide deck of the year,” (which we can’t believe is a thing) dropped 355 slides worth of internet analysis goodness. She covered everything from Global internet trends (which include slowing smartphone growth) to the cloud, to what’s going on in some to watch developing nations (aka India and China).


What we’re thinking: What we’re excited about? Slides 10-79. Or “Online Advertising (+ Commerce) = Increasingly Measurable + Actionable. Yes. Yes. Yes. However, per Meeker’s comment on page 16, sometimes when things are measured, people (or marketers) don’t like what they see. As marketers gain the ability to gather more data, sharing that data often requires significant organizational education as well. Advertisers are used to seeing one thing, so to see anything different is always hard. We see this especially when we’re working with customer level measurement, or multi-touch attribution solutions. In both cases, what marketers often thought was an effective strategy, turns out to be ineffective when other pieces of the puzzle are considered.

 “What We’re Into!” A section where we tell you about what we’ve been reading, watching or listening to in the past few weeks. As always, let us know if you’ve been into the same thing!

What We’re Into:

Wonder Woman,” or the newest superhero movie that’s killing it at the box office with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 93%. #girlpower


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