Tickling Your Tentacles: Happy Valentine’s Day!

by Ovative Group
February 14, 2017

Good afternoon and happy Tuesday!

Welcome to the Valentine’s edition of Ovative’s marketing/tech news digest in 2017 – where we hope to keep you up to date on all things new and exciting within Marketing, Measurement and Technology.

Always informative, sometimes entertaining. Enjoy.

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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Best wishes for a candy filled day! Curious about how the holiday actually came to be? Check out some theories. Forgot today was V-day? Don’t worry. Amazon’s got your back. Want to get something for me? How thoughtful – I’ll take 15 of these. Thanks 😉


Facebook Agrees to Audit of its Metrics Following Data Controversy

The Wall Street Journal  & Bloomberg | February 10, 2017

Quick pitch:  Facebook’s Carolyn Everson just checked-in to Washington, D.C.   


Now I want the details:  Wait, who’s she? Carolyn Everson is the Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook. Cool. Now, what’s she up to? She and some of her peeps from Facebook delivered a presentation last Thursday to the board of the Association of National Advertisers. The big take away? Facebook is pledging to undergo audits of their measurement by the Media Rating Council. Status officially changed from “single” to “it’s complicated.”

What we’re thinking:  We’ll keep you posted on the “Facebook Measurement Saga 2K17.” But, we do continue to believe it’s our responsibility to demand transparency and moves like this make us hopeful that Facebook is getting closer to opening up its walled garden. We’d like to see 3rd party measurement providers have access to more granular data. We’ll continue to keep you update on any changes.

NFL Ratings Were Down All Season

recode | February 4, 2017

Quick pitch: Remember when you thought you were immune to the flu and it turns out that was #false? Looks like you’ve got a friend in the NFL – the last refuge against the move to digital who saw its regular season ratings drop by 9%.


Now I want the details:  “Illogical” says Spock to the argument that professional football, or other live sporting events for that matter, are exempt from the increased competition for eyeballs. Ratings this year were down in both the regular season and the playoffs compared to both 2015 and 2014. While the NFL still has a large draw for audiences, the decrease in ratings points to the undeniable power of other types of media for consumers eyes.

What we’re thinking: While we don’t believe TV is going away any time soon, it’s becoming harder and harder to deny that digital is some legit competition for what many thought would be a stronghold of viewership – live sports. On top of that, the majority of Super Bowl viewers were also most likely engrossed in a second device during the big game. With more media options and devices available, it’s important to understand your customers and their browsing habits so you can hit them where they’re at.

Emotion Analytics Could Help Put Marketers In a Good Mood

CMO | February 13, 2017

Quick pitch: But what are you really feeling? Now marketers are starting to be able to tell through Emotion Analytics.


Now I want the details: Remember system 1 from “Thinking Fast and Slow,” by Daniel Kahneman? No? No worries – quick reminder that the brain has two ways it processes information. System 2 is deliberate thinking – i.e. you know you’re thinking. System 1 is fast and intuitive reactions. Why do we care? Because 90% of purchasing decisions or feelings surrounding brand affinity steam from system 1 processes. Emotion analytics allows marketers through sensors, cameras and machine learning, to understand a customer’s immediate, emotional response to an ad, and measure and adapt marketing messages as a result.

What we’re thinking: What’s going on here? Is this the minority report? Do I need new eyeballs? Emotion analytics sound super cool and could be great in helping marketers use the most effective creative at the perfect moment. However, as with every new technology, we think there’s going to be some time with over inflated expectations before emotion analytics settles into what the Gartner Hype curve calls the plateau of productivity and can actively be used effectively by marketers. We’ll keep you posted as this technology continues to develop.


Hey folks, here is our new section again called, “What We’re Into!” No one puts baby in a corner, and Nate and I don’t want to be in a corner either. We’ll use this space to tell you about something we’ve been reading, watching or listening to in the past few weeks, let us know if you’ve been into the same thing!

What We’re Into

Am I the only one who still cares about mixtapes?  Nope – Chance the Rapper does.  The artist, who took home a casual 3 Grammy’s on Sunday night, is shaking up the music industry by not actually selling any physical copies of his music. That’s right, it’s all available for free on SoundCloud.



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