Tickling Your Tentacles: Data Analyst or Modern Day Buccaneer?!

by Ovative Group
August 30, 2016

Fodder for the water cooler: While lots of people are still slightly upset over Mr. Ryan Lochte’s big huge lie, at least he got a sponsorship out of the deal – a throat drop company with the tag line, “forgiving on your throat.”  Jea.




15 Stats Digital Marketers Should Know About Hispanic Consumers | Social Code | June 15, 2016

Quick pitch: Quick Family Feud – List off some marketing buzzwords – just FYI “Hispanic Consumers” is worth an unheard of 95 points!!


Now I want the details: The Hispanic Consumer is a huge deal – they account for 17.4% of the entire US population and more than $1.2 trillion dollars in purchasing power. Want some of that power? (CAN YOU FEEL IT?!) Try targeting them online – 66% of them pay attention to online adds, almost 20% more than the general population. Also a good to know, 80% of Hispanics prefer ads that incorporate Spanish messaging.

What we’re thinking: Two things; it’s important to correctly target your customers, (think segmentation strategy and using your CRM data effectively) and it’s also important to measure the effectiveness of your targeting through measurement solutions and testing. Regardless of if consumers are Hispanics, millennials, baby-boomers, or 20-something white women with an affinity for StarWars (cough Claire cough) you’ll want to know if your marketing is reaching them in the way you intended it to. This could mean anything from implementing a DMP, using a data on-boarder, having a robust testing program or matching your measurement solution to individual customer data. Having clean, first party data is probably a good place to start.



The Reason So Many Analytics Efforts Fall Short | Harvard Business Review | August 29, 2016

Quick pitch: Sometimes analytics initiatives can feel like mutiny. Since your CEO’s name most likely isn’t Blackbeard (if it is, let’s talk), how can companies continue to push analytics initiatives forward?


Now I want the details: Data and analytics, which should be black and white, receive a fair amount of skepticism because often companies’ analytics initiatives don’t produce the expected competitive advantage. The main reason these initiatives don’t catch on is because they up-end the C-Suite. We’re not talking military coup … but it can be close. Tensions start when leaders lose budget, have their “turf scanned” for improvements and then are assessed if they actually have the skills to manage the new environment going forward. So how do you fix this? Have your CEO play a leading role in establishing the analytics functions of your organization, anticipate negative reactions, and manage those reactions – then you can crush those analytics objectives.

What we’re thinking: In the world of marketing measurement & analytics, we believe that people and process are absolutely critical in establishing not only a successful way to measure your data, but also an effective way of acting on the data coming out of your measurement tools. Without the right leadership and direction, nothing happens. When leaders act on analytical insights and trust the data, the rest of the organization follows suit.



No Longer Anti-Advertising, WhatsApp Opens to Marketing and Sharing Data with Facebook | AdAge | August 25, 2016

Quick pitch: Remember when Facebook was all like, “nah, we’re not going put advertising on our messaging apps?” – Time have changed my friend, times have changed …


Now I want the details:  What’s up WhatsApp?! The Facebook owned messaging app is opening up the platform to allow for potential marketing. Translation? Ads are coming in WhatsApp and users’ WhatsApp data is being piped into Facebook. This means, according to the app, more relevant adds in your News Feed.

What we’re thinking: While WhatsApp doesn’t necessarily have ads yet, they’re getting ready, which means one of the two messaging apps Facebook owns is getting closer to having ads, which means more of meeting consumers where they’re at. This means more advertising revenue for Facebook and also more opportunities to determine if the targeted messaging works – when ads in messaging apps take place, it’ll be interesting to see how Facebook proves their value.


Happy Birthday Day to myself (Claire) and Warren Buffet who turns 86 today! The man has 1.19 million followers on twitter and has only tweeted 9 times. The first of which was “Warren is in the house.” Lol, Warren. Lol.



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