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Marketing Measurement in an Increasingly Privacy-Oriented World
Apple’s recent announcement, that the upcoming iOS 14 software will include enhanced customer data privacy controls, is just one example of a broader industry trend towards more customer control. Although Apple has now walked back the full roll out of these controls, marketers should still assume it will become increasingly difficult to connect individual customers with media touch points. Marketers should understand […]
How Healthcare Marketers Win: Digital Opportunities in Response to COVID-19
As consumers embrace digital-first services, healthcare marketers must create seamless, digital experiences to reach both new and existing members and take advantage of the new learnings, data, and engagement opportunities this creates.  The coronavirus has impacted every sector of the world economy. The crisis and resulting stay-at-home orders have accelerated many existing consumer healthcare trends – including eHealth, […]
Evaluating the ROI of Your Advanced Measurement Tool
Most organizations spend more than half a million dollars annually on advanced measurement tools such as multi-touch attribution (MTA) or media mix modeling (MMM). However, if your marketing technology stack is not driving meaningful change in behavior, this investment is of little to no value. Marketers need to hold advanced marketing measurement technology accountable for […]
The Marketing Measurement Coalition
We need a new way of thinking about, and measuring, marketing success. Our answer is Enterprise Marketing Return, but we want to open the conversation up to a broader group of changemakers to join us in redefining the measure of marketing success. We’re looking for leaders challenging the measurement status quo, specifically within the industries […]

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Marketing Measurement in an Increasingly Privacy-Oriented World


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