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Marketer’s Guide to Holiday 2020 | Edition 1: Playbook
Holiday is on and is set to be bigger than ever, but we also know it’s going to look a little different this year. Read Ovative’s tips and tricks to help you navigate the moving pieces and get the most bang for your buck! As retailers gear up for an unprecedented 2020 holiday season, Ovative […]
How Healthcare Marketers Win: Digital Opportunities in Response to COVID-19
As consumers embrace digital-first services, healthcare marketers must create seamless, digital experiences to reach both new and existing members and take advantage of the new learnings, data, and engagement opportunities this creates.  The coronavirus has impacted every sector of the world economy. The crisis and resulting stay-at-home orders have accelerated many existing consumer healthcare trends – including eHealth, […]
Navigating Media Pauses: How to Reboot with Success
Recent Facebook ad boycotts, budget shifts, and changing social platform dynamics have created new challenges for marketers. Savvy marketers are carefully managing the impact of pausing media spend on performance and customer sentiment. Learn more about what Ovative clients observed during the recent Facebook ad boycott, questions marketers should be asking during any period of […]
Intern Spotlight Series: Summer 2020
Ovative Group is honored to celebrate our summer intern class of 2020! Over the past 2 months we’ve welcomed 11 talented, data-driven, and fierce-thinking students to Ovative’s first-ever virtual internship program. From India to New York and a multitude of hometowns in between, this intern class is working alongside the team to unlock business potential […]

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Marketer’s Guide to Holiday 2020 | Edition 1: Playbook
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