What’s Shenanigan’s Day?

by Savannah McKinnon
December 11, 2017
Ovative Culture

Samantha Medler here. Semi-non-official Ovative reporter and Shenanigan’s Day newbie. We’re onsite at Ovative/group in an effort to learn more about the famous, so called, “Shenanigan’s Day.” I’m here with Claire “creator-of-the-orange-jumpsuit” Wyatt, so-called “Shenani-expert” to try to understand more about this shenani-holiday.

Claire, can you tell us how you would describe Shenanigan’s Day?

First of all, use my full name please.

Claire “creator-of-the-orange-jumpsuit” Wyatt?


It’s a little long …

Not my problem.

Okay … well, Claire “creator-of-the-orange-jumpsuit” Wyatt can you tell us a little bit more about Shenanigan’s Day and what it is?

Abso-shenani-lutely. Shenanigan’s Day is the brainchild of our founder, Dale “double-it” Nitschke, who decided enough was enough – businesses needed to start actively celebrating the work their employees do on a regular basis by throwing an outrageous party all day long.   

All day long?

YES! All day long. Pro tip: wear comfortable shoes.

Uh … thanks for that. So, what can we expect for this years Shenanigan’s Day?

You know I can’t tell you that! How did you find me anyway?  

Can you just give us a few hints?

Are you from the government?

So you can’t tell us anything about this year’s Shenanigan’s Day?

No! You’re from M6 aren’t you. That American accent is a ruse. What’s your real name, Medler? Or should I say BOND!

Alright! No questions about this year’s Shenanigan’s Day … what has happened in the past?

You got me really worked up … I guess I can talk about past Shenanigan’s Days. It has included bull riding, logrolling, hoverboard races, several mohawk haircuts, a run in with an angry lawyer, lobster mac-and-cheese that’ll change your life and unnecessarily obnoxious swag.

So, for this year, hypothetically speaking of course, could I sing my favorite karaoke song?


Ride around on a unicycle?

Roger that.

Shave my coworker’s head?

Depends on the coworker, but all signs point to yes.

Good to know, so it’s basically just an excuse to have fun at work?

Excellent deduction, Watson. But it’s not just about us.

What else is it about?

Kind of organically, the first Shenanigan’s Day also coincided with an employee toy drive. Ever since then, we’ve realized that celebrating is nothing without giving back. That’s why this year we’re partnering with The BrandLab to host a raffle to raise funds for a $10,000 college scholarship. The scholarship goes to a deserving BrandLab student passionate about marketing and analytics. The one thing I can tell you about this year’s Shenanigan’s day is we’ll be broadcasting the winner of the raffle live!

So, is Shenanigan’s Day an Ovative-exclusive event?

NEVER!!! The best way to spread shenanigan’s cheer is singing loud for all to hear!


No. Random singing bothers some people. The best way to spread Shenanigan’s cheer is having your own Shenanigan’s Day! Our lucky clients and partners will be getting their very own Shenani-Box to host their own Shenanigan’s Day!

So, what’s in the Shenani-boxes?

Has anyone ever told you your last name, “Medler” is very close to the word “meddle?”

Ah … no. No one has ever told me that.


Anyway … I want to participate in Shenanigan’s Day! What should I do?

Do you work at Ovative?


Do you have the Shenani-spirit?



Yes I have Shenani-spirit!



Great. That’s more like it. 

So, what did I learn? I learned that Shenanigan’s Day is for everyone. It is a day to celebrate employees and give back to the community. If you are interested in hosting your very own Shenanigan’s Day, this is the perfect year to start! Whether it’s a simple happy hour after work or a full day of tomfoolery, Shenanigan’s Day can be whatever you want it to be. If you want to learn more, check out the Shenanigan’s Day website.

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