our clients dont hire us to do what they say

by Ovative Group
November 1, 2016

the customer is always right….right?

I spent the past 10 years of my career being the client, and I believed the common phrase that “the customer is always right.” As the client, I held the power to tell our partners what to do, and I expected them to deliver. Clients don’t pay good money to be told “no.”

…or do they?

Before I go on, if you are a client of O/g, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. Just bear with me for a minute.

When your company hires someone to help you with digital measurement, site analytics, digital marketing (or really anything!) you clearly get it. You know that these things are extremely important, but your company doesn’t have the time or resources to do this yourselves. So you made the smart decision to hire Ovative. I may be a little biased, but I think you made a good choice!

From there we all sat down and agreed on the work we would do, and how we would do it. Now it’s a few months later and you’re asking for things, and I’m challenging you with questions like “how will this help you achieve your goals?” or suggesting “that’s not the approach I’d recommend.”

In my past job my response may have been, “um…excuse me? I don’t really care if this isn’t the approach you would take. I make the decisions here! YOU work for ME! HOW DARE YOU TELL ME NO!!” Ok, that may be a little dramatic. I’m not an unreasonable person. But you get the idea – the client is supposed to be right! So what’s the deal? Why do I now feel I have the right to say no just because I’m on the other side of the client relationship?

we help you raise the bar

Being on the agency side of the business, I now understand that our job is truly to help you and make sure you see results. You are passionate about your company and what you do, and you are measured and rewarded on doing your job well.

While I may not directly work for your company, I am your partner. I am also passionate about what you do, and I am invested in helping make the best decisions to grow your business! I want to make sure our time is focused on helping you to do that, not completing a list of requests that may or may not be actionable or drive results.

So how do I know what you should focus on?

A key benefit in hiring a company like Ovative (aside from working with some amazing people, and receiving a Shenanigans Box full of fun activities during the Holiday season…obviously) is that we work with a lot of clients with varying needs, and through this we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience about what to do, and equally important what not to do. We have already learned from other companies’, and our own, mistakes, and we are committed to making sure you avoid them. Plus, we are always raising the bar!

If we did an awesome job with a past client’s cross-channel attribution project, then our goal is to do an even better job with the next one! So if I need to push back a little, and sometimes say no to your request to help you in the long run, I will.

Getting back to the original question, is the customer always right? No – if you were you wouldn’t need Ovative! Did you hire us to do exactly what you say? I would argue you didn’t. You hired us to help you improve your results, grow your business, and partner together on new approaches to digital marketing and measurement. I want to help you raise the bar, so when I say no it’s always with the best of intentions!

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