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How to Disrupt an Industry as the Incumbent with Lisa Bailey and Josh Peterson
Lisa Bailey, Vice President of Media and Digital Activation, and Josh Peterson, Senior Director at Sleep Number reminisce and and discuss lessons learned in the fast-paced mattress industry.
Show Overview
Early Morning Riffs is a show about the need for change in the marketing world today. Through some good ol’ fashioned riff sessions, host Brandon Wishnow (aka the “Riffs Commish”) talks with company leaders and industry experts about a wide range of modern day marketing topics. In the end, we hope you leave each episode […]
Why SEO is Worth the Wait with Scott Dodge
Scott Dodge, Head of SEO at Ovative Group, reframes SEO as the most undervalued channel in your mix and, given today’s trends, how to use it to drive enterprise value.
Generation Data Science
John Chandler, Clinical Professor of Marketing at University of Montana and Andrew Van Benschoten, Head of Data Science at Ovative Group, offer [mostly] understandable answers about what data science is and how the data privacy era will continue to increase marketing dependency on advanced measurement.

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