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by Ovative Group
May 12, 2017


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Is it carpet squares sewn together or Avant Garde? IDK, but either way, the MET Gala is the fashion event of the season. Did your invite get lost in the mail, too? Not to worry, you can still check out all of the crazy celebrity haute couture here.


Consorting With The Frenemy: Ad Tech Players Partner For Shared Identity Matching | Ad Exchanger | May 4, 2017

Quick pitch: The advertising world’s version of “The Simple Life,” except this time good things are happening and no one brought a Chihuahua …


Now I want the details: Seven independent ad tech companies just debuted a programmatic consortium last Thursday. Uh – English please? The band geeks are sitting with the cheerleaders, and they’re both planning the advertising world’s version of prom – aka creating standardized cookie IDs across platforms to increase overall match rates. Who’s the queen b? LiveRamp, the only ad tech company that’s providing cross device matching through their Identity Link Product.


What we’re thinking: Higher customer match rates? Yes, please. We’re fully bought in to the power of matching customers across devices and creating a one-to-one match to measure the effectiveness of your media. The hang up has always been limitations with match rates, you can understand your matched customers, but you don’t know what you don’t know with your unmatched customers. We’re hopeful that the consortium will increase match rates and provide even more powerful insights to companies using IdentityLink.



The NewFronts Need to Shed the Sexy and Start Selling Safety | AdvertisingAge | April 28, 2017

Quick pitch: Don’t want your ads showing up before negative videos? “Not unreasonable,” says IAB’s Digital NewFronts presenters who are making brand safety the focus.


Now I want the details: Just like a 90s rom-com, brand safety in digital is suddenly the hottest thing on campus. Apparently, brands care about what videos their advertisements are associated with. Who knew? Not to worry, presenters at digital media’s version of the MET Gala are taking the opportunity to address the issue head on.

safety is sexy

What we’re thinking: The IAB Digital Content Newfronts began as an answer to broadcast TV’s Upfronts, but quickly built its own digital-centric sales pitch to get advertisers educated and inspired about offerings from a variety of content publishers and platforms. Publishers such as Disney leveraged this negative spotlight to reinforce their commitment to quality, brand safe content, while YouTube sought to combat negative press by highlighting it’s brand safe offerings like the Google Preferred network. We think this is a smart move. As media dollars keep flowing into digital programming it’s not all about selling digital as an alternative to TV for massive and efficient audience reach, it’s about using all digital has to offer most effectively, which needs to be rooted in accountability.



Snapchat Opens Up Viewability Into Snap Ad Campaigns | Mobile Marketer| April 28, 2017

Quick pitch: Just because you don’t show up to the NewFronts doesn’t mean you can’t still wear an elaborate headdress drop new offerings.


Now I want the details: The Newfronts have been a forum for content providers to tout upcoming offerings, but have been relatively focused on direct publishers, some which tout content distributed through Snapchat. Despite avoiding the direct spectacle of the Newfronts, Snap has been busy launching lots of new offerings to make money for its investors.

snap $

What we’re thinking: Snapchat didn’t need to be physically at the Newfronts to be all over the trades or even secure loads of media dollars. WPP already committed to a $200MM deal with Snapchat and many advertisers have been chomping at the bit to work with this fast-growing social network. Though once pretty limited due to high spend minimums and limited targeting and reporting options, Snap boasts a variety of ways that advertisers can work with them, most notably the self serve ad manager, but also including Max Reach which is Snapchat’s version of the homepage takeover. To support these new offerings include enhanced reporting capabilities. We are excited to evaluate these new offerings for our clients, though with Instagram and Facebook copying most of Snapchat’s unique capabilities and providing a lower barrier of entry for brands to advertise, we are glad they are finally moving quickly to provide a competitive offering for advertisers.


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