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by Samantha Medler
February 22, 2018
Ovative Culture

At Ovative/group, we preach that talent is our greatest asset and strength. With over 15 promotions effective at the start of February, you could say that we practice what we preach.

Ranked on Inc. 5000’s list of the fastest-growing private companies in America, and Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal’s list of fastest-growing privately held companies in the Twin Cities, our team has carried us to unprecedented success. Founder and CEO Dale Nitschke says, “Our team members are our most valuable resources – we work very hard to create an environment where our team can be challenged, safely stretch and learn, and be a bit better each day. We want to recognize those who have embraced that opportunity with promotions to new or broader responsibilities. I am confident this team can deliver on our 5.0 vision, a vision we have charted for the upcoming 3-5 years”.

not pictured: Dianne Anderson, Amy Byers, Sam Kemper, Matt Loth

The individuals on this promotion list are major movers and shakers in the Twin Cities, and we are honored to have them at Ovative. As a team, they motivate each other to be better everyday  and as we say in the office, to continually raise the bar. Six team members from this impressive list shared their thoughts on Ovative and the industry overall:

Jesse Grittner, Senior Vice President of Strategy Consulting
How do you see Ovative’s strategy consulting practice growing over the next three years?

We’re planning for strong growth in this practice because of the unique combination of skills and experience that our team members bring to the consulting marketplace. Ovative offers clients a structured and strategic approach to answering their most pressing questions around digital strategy, marketing measurement and optimization, and taking a customer-centered approach to growth. Unlike many consulting firms, though, our recommendations are grounded in hands-on experience. Our team members have years of experience executing, measuring, and optimizing digital media and user experiences. Our consulting clients have access to true practitioner-experts, leading to new insights grounded in the realities of a constantly changing space. Ultimately, the people at Ovative are the most crucial element to growing this strategy practice.

Jordyn Joens, Sr. Analyst
What most excites you about where paid social is headed in 2018?

“I’m most excited about the significant advancements in measurement capabilities available for paid social marketers. Social platforms are continuing to develop new features that allow advertisers to improve their visibility into the impact of social media and their customers’ path to conversion. Growing adoption of offline conversion matching, greater access to lift studies, and integrated attribution modeling are just a few of the items on the list of 2018 measurement enhancements. I get pumped thinking about how we are using this data to continually define the value of paid social among our client’s marketing mix.”

Matt Loth, Manager
How has Ovative’s measurement capabilities grown in the year that you have been here?

“An often-overlooked aspect of measurement is integration: taking multiple streams of information from a variety of measurement tools, interpreting the quality and context of each output, and then forming a unified view to inform key decisions. We recognize that our clients face a daunting web of tools from media mix modeling (MMM) and multi-touch attribution (MTA), to web analytics and brand lift studies, and so we strive to offer a unified view of measurement in order to help them make the most of it all. Ovative’s dedication to collaboration across internal teams has provided the perfect environment for this capability to take root and grow rapidly over the past year.”

Dianne Anderson, Vice President of Digital Media
What are the priorities for the media activation team the remainder of 2018?

“Our teams are motivated to deliver on amazing, best-in-class media services to our clients every day by pushing the boundaries of what great looks like. Ovative’s focus on channel operator expertise, advanced measurement concepts, cross-channel marketing practices and customer-centric strategies continue to be at the core of our approach. Additionally, our investment in areas of importance like social, customer and audience-based strategies, Amazon, enterprise value optimization concepts and channel incrementality will fuel continued success for our clients.”

Chuck Anderson-Weir, Sr. Manager
How does Ovative’s client engagement strategy differ from other consulting firms?

“Ovative client engagement rises above other consulting firms by becoming truly involved and invested in our client’s success. We don’t just want to be a partner, we want our clients’ achievement of their goals to define our own success. This may sound cliche, but I truly see this embodied everyday across our client engagements at Ovative. This comes to life in many ways, including helping the client look at the full long-term picture of all decisions and always pushing for the next big thing to help our clients’ business.”

Beth McKigney, Vice President of Owned Media

What are you most looking forward to working on as part of your new roles/responsibilities at Ovative?

“I’m most excited about defining and standing up our new Customer Strategy & Insights practice. I think there is tremendous opportunity for clients to be more customer-centric in their marketing efforts. Too many marketers take a siloed, channel-level view of their marketing. Customer-centric marketing strategies put customer at the hub of marketing plans by designing cross-channel strategies aimed at a specific customer segment. We help clients tackle business questions such as, ‘How do I find and effectively reach new customers?’ or ‘How can I leverage addressable media channels to more effectively retain my existing customers – including which channels, messaging, promotions and merchandise to leverage?’.”

The next phase of Ovative’s growth is so exciting because of the people that we have leading us on this journey. The headline on our website reads, “fearlessly unlocking potential”. This mission statement is really what we are all about; it applies not only to data for our clients, but also to the people and everything we strive to accomplish at Ovative.

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