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by Ovative Group
July 19, 2017

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When’s the last time you won something 8 times? “Uh … on Sunday” says Roger Federer who beat out Marin Cilic to win Wimbledon and then partied pretty hard afterwards …


Facebook to Show Ads on Messenger to Bolster Revenue Growth| The Wall Street Journal & Business Insider | July 11,2017

Quick pitch: The default way to get a hold of someone whose phone number you lost (or they didn’t give it to you intentionally #beenthere) will start sprinkling ads into your conversations, just like Salt Bae.



Now I want the details: Facebook, which owns the two most popular messaging apps (WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger) will start rolling out ads in Messenger. The plan is to roll them out slowly and carefully to the 1.2 billion people every month who use the app – sort of like a stealthy jungle cat. Why bring ads into Messenger? Because Facebook is looking for more revenue growth since, as you might possibly have noticed, your news feed is pretty saturated.

What we’re thinking: Facebook argues that messaging is most likely what people do more than social networking, which is a lot, given that the average person spends about 35 minutes a day on Facebook alone. Is this invasive? Maybe. But Facebook has already rolled out in-message ads in Australia and Thailand and users have been open as long as the ads are useful and connect them to companies that they cared about. Chalk up another point for personalization …

Facebook Will Soon Let Brands Target Ads at Entire Families or Specific People Within Households | ADWEEK | June 27, 2017

Quick pitch: These aren’t your dad’s ads…or are they?


Now I want the details: Targeting just got a lot more specific. Everyone’s favorite social network to discuss will be rolling out a household targeting feature just in time for the season where Mariah Carey unifies us all. This will allow advertisers to reach both buyers and influencers. The feature uses familial relationships, frequency of shared check-ins, and internet access locations to identify people within a single household.

What we’re thinking: Since the beginning of time, advertisers have been targeting households, but what’s new is the specificity with which Facebook can achieve this feat. What we’re excited about is the personalization aspect, i.e. the ability to segment creative to different household members. Potential applications include reaching both influencers and decision-makers for household purchases or gifting. Because Tiny Tim may make all the decisions in his family, but it’s Bob Cratchit who brings home the bank (at least a bit…).

What to Know about Visual Search | DIGIDAY | June 28, 2017

Quick pitch: Companies such as Pinterest and Google are rolling out products that are making the web even more visual, making your dreams of becoming Veruca Salt so much closer to reality.


Now I want the details: Earlier this year Pinterest introduced Lens, a visual discovery tool that returns comparable items based on visual aspects of an image, a functionality that is now available to target Promoted Pins ad campaigns. So when you see something that you like in a picture, your “I want it! I want it now!” can actually get you the product. A few months after the Pinterest release, Google launched their own version of Lens (yup, it’s the same name), which utilizes artificial intelligence to serve up relevant information about an image – for example, if you take a picture of a restaurant, it provides information like hours, locations, and the menu.

What we’re thinking: Well, this is exciting. The growth of visual search and discovery helps marketers capture even more intent, as searchers sometimes find it difficult to translate their searches into text (e.g., like who knows “culottes” are actually called “culottes,” right? Asking for a friend). We think there are huge opportunities for retailers, who were actually the original pioneers in the field, to engage with customers based on how they like to shop, marrying the efficiency of searchable products online with the more tangible benefits of evaluating products based on look and feel.

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