Marketing Measurement in an Increasingly Privacy-Oriented World

by Alex Meyers
September 8, 2020
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Apple’s recent announcement, that the upcoming iOS 14 software will include enhanced customer data privacy controls, is just one example of a broader industry trend towards more customer control.

Although Apple has now walked back the full roll out of these controls, marketers should still assume it will become increasingly difficult to connect individual customers with media touch pointsMarketers should understand the implications of this on their marketing measurement approach and adjust strategies accordingly.

Implications for Marketers 

With Apple’s release of iOS 14 comes a new challenge for marketers. When released, users will be required to opt-in to provide permission for marketers and marketing technology to collect data and track users through the device’s advertising identifier (IDFA). The assumption is that most users will not opt in, and therefore IDFA availability will decrease. Technology solutions that primarily use IDFA as the device ID to measure or target customers within the iOS ecosystem should expect the efficacy of their tools to decrease. Marketers utilizing these tools may see an impact to their program effectiveness and new limitations on what strategies are possible. All marketers should expect this trend to continue and need to explore alternative methods to track customers and measure performance. 

In response to this growing trend, Ovative’s Marketing Analytics Platform (MAP) incorporates a Media Mix Model (MMM) to measure marketing channel impact. MMM is not dependent on individual customer paths to measure media efficacy. Rather, the model leverages historical spend and sales data to isolate the impact of marketing variables on revenue and other KPIs.  When combined with Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA), predicted customer values, and incrementality measures, MAP is able to assign business value to each factor affecting marketing performance across all customer touchpoints. As customer level data becomes more limited, insights from our MTA model will become more directional based on the smaller customer data sets and sample sizes. By using MMM, MTA, and in-market testing in concert, Ovative balances the strengths and weaknesses of each tool and ensures our clients are not overly dependent on any one capability. 

Prepare for Success 

In today’s privacy-centered environment, an overreliance on customer level data puts marketers in a risky position. Ovative is partnering with clients to future-proof their measurement approaches. Get in touch to explore the optimal marketing measurement approach for your business. 

Ovative Group is committed to our clients success, and wants to ensure accurate performance-driven data in the shifting customer-privacy landscape. Interested in partnering with us? Learn more about Ovative and our Marketing Analytics Platform and begin the journey to transforming your marketing success! 

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