Google’s June 2019 Core Algorithm Update

by Jess Girardi
June 4, 2019
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Google’s Search Liaison tweeted out a forewarning of a Google Broad Core algorithm update to prepare marketers for a potential upcoming shift in all search engine results pages (SERPs). This is the first time Google has announced the release of an algorithm before it went live, which officially happened yesterday


  • Google released a broad core algorithm update called the “June 2019 Core Update.”
  • Core Updates are designed to improve the quality of results users are seeing by increasing or decreasing the importance of ranking factors such as page speed, content quality, mobile friendliness and more.
  • Google referenced this Twitter thread as guidance about the potential impact Core Updates can have on SERPs.


  • Algorithm updates can oftentimes shift SERPs for particular keywords. Generally, more competitive keywords have a higher chance of shifting after an algorithm update. This can affect how your site ranks per keyword and indicate a quality flaw in the site’s makeup.


  • Monitor keywords to see ranking shifts over time (year-over-year, month-over-month, and even week-over-week).
  • If you see overall session decline, review entry page data to see what pages specifically have declined and audit those pages to see why. Here’s what we typically review:
    1. User paths
    2. Click through rate
    3. Additional behavioral metrics to track decline
  • Apply the fix you decide on to the rest of your site to prepare for future algorithm updates.
  • Most importantly, don’t panic! Google’s official guidance is to do nothing, but we recommend following @searchliaison.

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