Finger Lickin’ Good! Tickling Your Tentacles 2017

by Ovative Group
January 19, 2017

Welcome to the second edition of Ovative’s marketing/tech news digest in 2017 – where we hope to keep you up to date on all things new and exciting within Marketing, Measurement and Technology.

Always informative, sometimes entertaining. Enjoy.


Fodder for the water cooler:  Finger Lickin’ Good!

KFC, KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken … might be using your face to predict your order. How did you know I wanted a 2pc. Chicken & Popcorn Big Box Meal with a cookie?!

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CMO Role Expands With Rising Marketing Budgets

Forbes & Gartner| January 9, 2017

Quick pitch:  Who in your organization is responsible for digital commerce, customer experience, innovation, sales & sometimes IT? 10 points for Gryffindor if you said the CMO.


Now I want the details:  More and more business functions are being driven by CMOs says Gartner in their 2016-2017 CMO Spend Survey. Specifically as it relates to technology, CMO’s are set to surpass their CIO counterparts in 2017. This year, CMOs will spend 27% of their marketing budgets on marketing tech, the second highest area of spend after personnel and before paid media. When ranked by capabilities, the top four spend areas are web, digital commerce, digital ads and marketing analytics. Interesting. Very interesting.


What we’re thinking:  As organizations grow their reliance on marketing technology, it’s becoming crucial for CMOs, or someone on the CMO’s team to understand the marketing technology space and how this technology can be successfully implemented and combined with other technologies in the organization. With technology comes data, which requires analytics. Make sure you’re getting the help you need in both the technology and analytics departments to successfully make marketing technology work for you.




Build The Marketing Team Of The Future

Marketing Week | January 13, 2017

 Quick pitch: As the marketing amoeba continues to ingest sales and technology, the talent marketing organizations require has to evolve too.


Now I want the details:  Marketing Week’s Vision 100 Roundtable, in partnership with Adobe, hosted a discussion of talent challenges within marketing and how the industry is planning on adapting. Those who are newer to the marketing space are now expected to demonstrate both technical and brand skills, which is becoming a big ask (did someone say unicorn?). According to the round table, it makes sense to bring some of these capabilities in house, but other capabilities can be handled by agencies – however, it is the individual organizations prerogative to strike the balance.


What we’re thinking:  We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, people and process are crucial not only to creating an effective marketing organization, but more specifically, successfully using your company’s marketing data and technology. While this does mean hiring the right talent with the right experience, it also means educating those who are already in the organization (all the way from your newest intern to those in the C-Suite) on how the environment is changing and what they can do to adapt.

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Facebook Measurement: The Walled Garden Is Cracking A Window

AdExchanger | January 16, 2017

Quick pitch:  Extra, extra! Read all about it! Facebook’s VP of Marketing Science says The Book is going to focus more on transparency …


Now I want the details: Facebook’s recent measurement blunders (think overstating the average time spent on videos…) are the marketing technology equivalent to Kim Kardashian’s life as far as relevant gossip. After a string of mishaps, the demand for transparency and 3rd party measurement for ads served within Facebook has grown to a roar that’s been hard for the massive social platform to ignore. It seems like Facebook is finally listening as it’s started to consider increased 3rd party verification. Brad Smallwood, VP of Marketing Science at Facebook says that advertisers are demanding viewability and duration metrics, but the team is also working on measurement technologies which will help advertisers understand incremental lift.


What we’re thinking:  The frustration around Facebook’s lack of transparency regarding viewability and duration metrics makes sense to us, since these simple metrics are considered no brainers everywhere else.  As data becomes more and more important in advertising decisions, we’re wondering how long Facebook’s walled garden can actually hold. As we’ve stated before in a previous blog, we believe it is our responsibility to demand transparency and accuracy as it relates to our marketing platforms. We’ll continue to keep you posted with regards to Facebook and increased transparency.


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Hey folks, here is our new section again called, “What We’re Into!”

No one puts baby in a corner, and Nate and I don’t want to be in a corner either. We’ll use this space to tell you about something we’ve been reading, watching or listening to in the past few weeks and why you might be interested too!

What We’re Into:  Ed Sheeran, otherwise known as the artist who looks a lot like Ron Weasley, dropped two new songs on January 6th, 2017, “The Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill.” We’re playing these on repeat all day, every day. Want the whole album? You’ll have to wait a bit, it drops March 3rd.



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