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Webinar Recap: The Race for Relevance in Food and Beverage
In a matter of months, the restaurant and grocery landscape has completely transformed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether your favorite restaurant closed indefinitely, shelves are bare at your local grocery store, or the only salad bar you can find these days is filled with beer, we’re all living in this strange new reality.  This […]
EMR is the New ROAS
Understanding return on investment is the core question marketers must be able to answer about how their media channels are performing. Traditionally, marketers obsess over ROAS (return on ad spend) with revenue as the only metric determining return. This is an outdated and misguided approach that doesn’t give marketing leaders enough context to make more […]
Untangling Customer-Centricity: What is a “Customer Strategy” and Why Do It?
Your customer strategy must be crafted in the context of the broader business. This means segmenting customers based on dimensions that drive desired business outcomes, whether that be growth of total enterprise sales, sales within a population, or sales within a category.  Once you understand your customer segments, you need to work closely with cross-functional […]
Get Your Organization Ready for Enterprise Marketing Return
One of the most common mistakes we see when it comes to marketing measurement is an over-reliance on technology to solve problems. Far too many marketers look to a given tool, technology or platform to unlock value without first appreciating the many other elements that must be in place in order to drive value. Gartner’s […]

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