9 things you know if you work at O/g

by Ovative Group
August 9, 2017

This summer, we asked our talented group of college interns to contribute to the Ovative/group blog. We asked them to choose a topic that interests them, do a deep dive into the subject, then develop a post to share what they learned. Enjoy this post and stay tuned for the rest of the Intern Series throughout this summer! 

WRITTEN BY: Ann Magne and Samantha Medler

While you may learn a lot about an organization from the “About” page on their website or their pamphlets at the career fair, there is truly no better way to learn than simply immersing yourself in the culture from day one. In this article, we hope to take you through the nine things that we learned about Ovative/group throughout our time here. In case you don’t want to take our word for it, we got a little help from Slack, our company-wide messaging tool.

  1. School spirit exists long past graduation. Whether you are a badger, a gopher, or some other rodent from around the country, you can proudly rep your school colors at O/g. With staff from over 50 different universities, you can always count on at least one person to give you a, “Wooot!” during your all-staff introduction. Wisco
  2. Shenanigans is a 365-day commitment. If the famous Shenanigan’s Day is not enough tomfoolery for you, do not fear! O/gers are committed to the pursuit of shenanigans, and it’s evident from the spontaneous clapping, the personalized ping-pong paddles, and the giant hula hoops that abound in the office. clapping
  3. $5 breakfast at Freehouse is a gift to be treasured. One of the many perks of working for Ovative/group is having a restaurant on the main floor of our building; a restaurant that just so happens to offer $5 breakfast five days a week. A delicious (and cheap!) breakfast with coworkers is not something to be taken for granted! blog post
  4. You can fulfill that college dream of yours to become a DJ. With a SONOS system throughout the office, control over the music is at your fingertips. You could be in the mood for some John Mayer on Monday morning or some 90’s rap on Friday afternoon….or vice versa. It’s up to you! sonos
  5. Work hard, play hard is so real (and so great). It is evident from the first time you step foot in Ovative that everyone who works here is incredibly smart and incredibly dedicated to their work. Almost every conference room is full with O/gers discussing client work, and nearly half the office has headphones on, clearly in the zone. However, do not be surprised if that focus is interrupted by a spontaneous game of shuffleboard or even a company-wide game of flip cup on Friday afternoon. When there’s an O/g cape on the line, competition gets serious. jetties
  6. Blazers are so 2010. Throw out your blazer and replace it with an Ovative tee. On any given day that you decide to wear some O/g swag to work, there is a 110% chance that there will be at least 10 other people wearing the same thing as you. Though this may seem like a fashion faux pas, at O/g it’s actually cool (and sometimes even encouraged) to match people. woreitbest
  7. You might have some WTF moments. Your first conversations at Ovative are going to consist of many words that sound like a foreign language and require you to smile and nod at as you pretend to understand what they all mean. We weren’t kidding when we said that the people here are smart. It is likely that your vocabulary will have over 100 new words and acronyms added to it during the first few months of your time here. This comes with the extra bonus of using these words around your friends and family to sound extra smart. Even if you’re not sure entirely what they mean for a bit, your friends don’t need to know that when you casually throw them into conversation.
  8. There’s an expert for just about anything. From SEO to data engineering, there is always someone willing and able to share their expertise. It would be a rare moment at O/g if there wasn’t at least one person able to answer your questions. expert
  9. You absolutely love your job. Every day when you come to work, Ovative is going to push you to make bold decisions, but it’s not so scary because you know that you will always be supported by the inspiring people around you. last one


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