2016 Year in Review

by Ovative Group
January 9, 2017

2016 – a great year to be O/g!


Staff picks… favorite moments of 2016!

anna-circle“My favorite O/g memory is TYPTWD. My parents could not attend since they live in Oregon, so as part of an elaborate prank, Dale hired two professional actors to play my parents! I spent the whole day calling two strangers “Mom and Dad” and listening to them proudly and convincingly brag about me to other parents. It was a fantastic exercise in improvisation and keeping a straight face, especially while my “parents” drank beer from a pitcher, interrupted presentations to take family photos, and did prank falls!” – Anna C.



sarah-circleI celebrated my three month anniversary at Ovative/group this week, and every day has been a fantastic memory. TYPTWD was just a few weeks in, and it was such a great opportunity to immerse my mom in my job, which she’s been hearing about but hasn’t really understood for over a decade. But nothing, seriously nothing can top Shenanigan’s Day. I put it up there with my wedding day and the birth of my two children. Simply unbelievable event that has it all. Food, beverages, and endless fun!” – Sarah Z.



rachel-circle“Our team offsite – When the whole Services team crushed it at laser tag and whirly ball!” -Racheal S.






chuck-circle“At the start of the year we had an all-staff curling event that was a ton of fun. Pods all dressed up in different themes and competed in mini-curling matches… there was lot of crazy challenges/bets made around throwing stuff
across the office and catching it “




nate-circle“One of my favorite moments was a 14-person tequila shot at Rosa Mexicana.  In that moment, I realized how special Ovative is – we all work hard together and can play hard together.  Blurring the lines between coworkers and friends is what the Ovative’s culture is all about.  Cheers to another great year of memories, raising the bar and delivering high-quality value for our clients.” -Nate B.





“Creating and coordinating the first Ovative take your kids to work day and having my daughters participate.  It was a very fun day” -Darren S.


Thanks for a great year! Cheers to 2017!

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